How To Make Money Selling Things Online

The question is, “How do you make money selling things online?” It’s not possible to give a simple yes or no answer to this perennial favorite. Since every vendor caters to a different clientele with their one-of-a-kind wares. Ability to sell is not innate. Some people seem to have a huge inclination toward it, while others are less apt to succeed.


There is a wide variety of nuanced aspects to selling online. The convenience and ease of access are obvious benefits. When you have access to the Internet, you can sell anything, whenever you want, wherever you want. However, this cannot be achieved without first learning about the psychology of Internet users and the principles and strategies behind making a profit through online channels.

In this article, we’ll give you some advice on how to make money selling things online. Check out our suggestions, and see if you can implement any of them.

Find Out What Competitors Are Charging For Your Product

The cost of your product is a crucial factor. Choosing a fair price is much trickier than crafting a compelling description or taking a striking image.


Think carefully about the type of products you are selling. If you’re selling a cell phone, for instance, you can check out how your device compares to others on the market by clicking on the “Apple iPhone 6” heading. The mean selling price is the most likely outcome. Put in a price that’s a little higher than you’re willing to take and hint at a possible discount. The ability to purchase an item at a price lower than advertised is always appreciated by consumers.

Therefore, your price shouldn’t be higher than the competition’s, and if it is, you should make sure to inform customers of the reasons for the increase (for example, “my mobile phone has built-in GPS, so you don’t need to buy a separate navigator for your car”).

To Lie Is To Do Evil.

Totally tell the truth! There is a market for everything, and even if it has flaws, it will eventually be purchased. Do not pretend that a previously owned item is brand new. Keep in mind that a brand new item is just that: an item.


Clearly communicate the product’s flaws, true quality, and expected lifespan to the buyer. It’s crucial that you take authentic pictures. Of course you can tailor the environment to best showcase your product. You can also use your own creative input to come up with the best possible product presentation.

Take pictures of anything else that’s useful (like a case for your phone) as well. In this way, you can get a complete picture of how your product will ultimately look.

Just describe your product in great detail. If you want to sell more of your product, make sure you answer any questions that customers might have when reading your product description. Customers are more likely to select a product with a comprehensive description.

Justify the need for a sale by detailing the circumstances.

Why are you selling it if it’s so great? The majority of online shoppers are wary because they don’t want to take any chances. Put an end to rumors and explain your motives.


Whether you’re selling because you need the cash, because your parents gave you something better, because you’re moving to a new city, because the item is too small, or for any other reason, make sure to give a straightforward explanation.

Don’t use such reason as “it has bothered for me” or “the model is obsolete”. Create confidence in the buyer’s mind that he is purchasing a high-quality, dependable item.

Leave Your Customers Hanging!

Potential customers will appreciate hearing from a real person. It could be via any of the following: cell phone, landline, email, or Skype (or better all together). Making contact with you should be simple for the customer, so offer as many options as possible. Be sure to check the sites where you posted the ad for responses. You should give it your best effort to respond quickly.

Keep in mind that customers have the option of going with a different vendor if you take too long to respond.

Do everything on time, whether it’s a meeting with a potential customer or the delivery of an order. If you say you’ll do something “tomorrow morning,” then you should do it tomorrow morning.

Respect Your Clientele


Always use proper manners when interacting with potential customers. Please, thank you, and welcome are appropriate phrases to use. Maintain your pleasant demeanor even if the customer is clearly upset. The most successful businesspeople in history have all followed this rule. Sophia Amoruso, an Internet entrepreneur who has amassed a multimillion dollar fortune, famously included a handwritten thank-you note and business card with each purchase.

Don’t be bashful about creating some unusual yet delightful presents. In turn, this boosts customer satisfaction, which in turn increases the likelihood that they will recommend you to others. What I mean is things like notes of goodwill, tips that will be useful, treats, greeting cards, and so on. As an example, you can leave a free car air freshener for the buyer to use while they test-drive a vehicle you’re selling. Buyer may miss this, so be sure to stress it. Therefore, the intended result will not materialize.

Promoting Your Products Through Social Media

After taking the time to take a photo, write a description, and publish it online, you shouldn’t be too lazy to share it on various social media platforms (e.g, Facebook). It won’t take long, but the payoff could be significant.

Did you hear that one of your friends has been looking for a Nikon D-3200 for a while now? He will thank you eternally for this post.

Boost the Ad’s Feeling Factor

Spotlight your product’s best features and differentiate it from the competition by outlining how it excels in these areas.

Then stop for a moment and imagine you are another person and see your ad at first. Think to yourself, “Would I buy this?” as you peruse. If the answer is “No,” consider the reasons for your decision. If you answer yes, then your ad may attract real buyers.

Use your imagination to come up with a catchy title that motivates readers to take action. Looking for the most innovative camera phone? Don’t hesitate to buy from me.)

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