Construction And Food Workers Without Visa Needed In Canada

A construction working man, usually referred to as a journeyman, is somebody United Nations agency performs toil on building comes. the task entails getting ready sites by improvement them, loading or unloading things, and reducing potential dangers, among alternative things. A general construction working man might even be liable for the operation of construction machinery and instrumentation and therefore the assembly and dismantlement of system.


Job Description

In order to affix our revered construction firm, that is well-known for treating staff fairly and with respect, we tend to need a talented and accountable construction working man such as you. Pay, perks, and career likelihood is that all on the table for those that be part of our team. Use industry-leading tools and instrumentation given by our organization to figure aboard a number of the foremost dedicated specialists around.

While operating during this position, you’ll be expected to work and maintain a spread of machinery, often carry significant product, and cling to the directions of your supervisors and fully fledged coworkers. fitness, responsibleness, and a temperament to place in long hours square measure all conditions for achievement during this position.


Become a vicinity of our team and see however profitable it’s to be paid properly for your efforts whereas developing your abilities and learning the newest building strategies in a very fast work setting.

Responsibilities And Duties (Include however don’t seem to be restricted To)



  1. Operate and maintain construction instrumentation and machinery.
  2. Comply with superior directions.
  3. Willing to be told from on-the-job coaching once things entails it.
  4. Clear the place of trash and alternative materials.
  5. Adhere to any or all safety procedures on the task web site and report any violations to management as presently as they occur.
  6. Work to make sure that the project web site is safe and clean in any respect times by properly handling and storing materials provided by North American country.
  7. Prepare building sites by clearing impediments and avoiding potential dangers.
  8. Loading and unloading of building materials square measure needed.
  9. Climb to nice heights and work whereas sporting applicable safety restraints.
  10. Dig trenches, pits, and foundations in preparation for the development.
  11. Notifying machine malfunctions or dangerous operating things.
  12. The ability to perform physical work and alternative physically strict duties.
  13. Necessary to be prompt and dependable.

Job necessities




Requirements For Food Worker

Counter attendants add low retailers, nourishment shops, cafeterias, hospitals, and restaurants, taking orders from customers over the counter. Customers square measure greeted at the food counter by a maintenance staff member UN agency directs them to their seats and answers any queries they will have. They not solely give data concerning the menu, however conjointly serve meals and beverages to diners or package them for takeout.

Job Description

We square measure checking out a friendly food counter attendant that may greet our customers during a kind and skilled manner and assist them with their requests. The counter attendant’s tasks embrace keeping the realm clean, respondent customers’ requests, serving food, packing it for takeout, and taking cash from customers.

As a counter attendant, you need to pay shut attention to clients’ necessities to make sure accuracy once taking orders and show exceptional problem-solving skills. Here, you’ll be an important member of our client service team, activity the duties below the management of our manager to make sure that our shoppers get an honest begin to their day.

When shoppers arrive through the door, you’ll greet them with a sort smile and assist with something they require. this might be providing them with a hot cup of low upon arrival, respondent inquiries concerning our menu selections, or creating a table for a celebration of eight customers. This position is appropriate for those who square measure polite and approachable.

Work Conditions

You will be doing repetitive tasks during a fast surroundings. It will be snoopy and agitated, particularly at peak times. you would possibly ought to wear gloves, a hat, or a homogenous.

Responsibilities And Duties (Include however don’t seem to be restricted To)

  • As customers enter the institution, welcome them and provide to help them with their orders.
  • Provide customers with a positive and descriptive clarification of menu items; be educated concerning our meals thus you’ll be able to inform them of our dedication to providing high-quality food.
  • Directing shoppers to their seats and bogs, respondent inquiries concerning the menu, and paying attention of special requests pro re nata.
  • Input meal orders into the system and conveys those orders to the room employees, making certain to notice any special requests in order that all merchandise square measure ready suitably.
  • Assembling and packing orders for pick-up and delivery.
  • Ensuring that the countertops, plates, and utensils square measure clean so as to take care of cleanliness necessities.
  • Provide shoppers with everything they need, like cutlery, low things, or anything required.
  • Providing customers with a bill and collection their payments.
  • Adherence to company policies and procedures
Job necessities 

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