DIY Braided Space Bag Tutorial

Space Buns is a classic 90s hairstyle tutorial and this pleated Space Bin tutorial is very popular.


I’ve delayed recording this video in the past, and after filming I remember why! It’s actually harder than it looks. The braids are not that hard and the buns are easy, but inversions are difficult during this time.

Honestly, having tried this braid a few times, I’m starting to feel dizzy and almost pass out, so be careful if you do this style!


I recommend getting a friend to help, or doing it on your friend’s hair. That way they can lie on the bed, which is easier than always being upside down.


Or, if you really want to try it yourself, check to see if you can get a viewer to make sure you even pick up sections and your braiding lines.


So, if I’m not yet convinced to try this 90s-inspired hairstyle, let’s take a look at my braided space bun tutorial.

A step-by-step tutorial

  1. Comb your hair before starting to remove any ties
  2. Create a middle section along the hair and split the hair into two braids.
  3. Reverse and brush one of the pleats all the way down. Brushing your hair on to the floor makes it easier to lift when you braid.
  4. Take a section of hair starting at the back of your neck and split it into a third. This is a Dutch braid, so we crossed right in the middle, then left right, picking up some hair on the third cross to add to the braid.
  5. Continue the Dutch braid, adding hair on all sides as you go. Try to keep your braids in line with your section and keep it close to your section for a flatter style. Once you have braided your head, collect all the remaining hair and create a short tail on the top of your head.
  6. Give yourself time to stretch before going the other side!
  7. Now repeat to create a Dutch braid on the other side, from the back of your neck all the way to the top of your head, reflecting the other side.
  8. Now that you’ve finished both ponytails, you can stand up and we’ll finish the bun. Gently comb the short tail, twist it loose and secure in place with baking pins.

Styling Tips:

  1. Don’t rush this style upside down for so long it’s hard work. So make sure you take some time or breathe in between them.
  2. Hair spray helps tame any airways and keep the style in place. If you have fine hair, use a bit of texture spray before applying the bun and back brush a bit more to create a thicker style.
  3. You can also use small toe fillings to make larger loaves.

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