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43 Top Trending Products To Sell Online in 2020 for Huge Profits

You really would not like to go broke over anything else, irrespective of who you are and what you do. People make money and there’s money around us especially in Nigeria. You could sell a product and get lots of customers via free advertising websites in Nigeria like Sellbeta.com.

Though as these products might seem to be unidentified, you can discover products to sell and make fast money without having to be involved in gigs that would land you in trouble. Today without wasting much ado, we will share with you some of the best products to sell and make money irrespective of the state you are in Nigeria.

Top Selling Products In Nigeria 2020

Below are some of the best selling products you can start selling In Nigeria and make fast money. You should note that these products won’t sell if you fail to promote them on platforms like Sellbeta.com, Jiji, and Nairaland. Why? Simply because a lot of people if not thousands visit these platforms every day and people buy products they see with their own eyes, whether in a picture or video, you’ll still get sales.



Who doesn’t like to wear shoes? People who do not know about Fashion. A lot of people have been recorded to wear and buy shoes online at least once in a month, in a Survey carried out by some of my friends at Yaba College of Technology.

Shoes are easy to wear commodities that give us a stunning look when outside. It is what people see first before looking at our faces. Shoes on sellbeta.com, range from five thousand nairas to twenty thousand Naira.


Shop for Dino-Vee Classic Boutique Shoes on Sellbeta.com

Washing Machine

Humans are lazy including you who are reading this article at the moment. I’ve failed to wash my clothes in the last 7 months because I got a Washing machine for myself, irrespective of who I am. I’m still in school and it doesn’t matter because I know the Washing machine will save my life. Lol


People buy washing machines and you can too, however, the goal here is to sell to people. You can check out products on Jumia, Sellbeta or Jiji where you will find used or newly available washing machines for sale at a relatively low price.

Beard Oil

I love beards even though all I have is only strands hoping to grow. I feel it is what makes men feel respected and guys on a low key are looking for any means possible to grow their beards. Especially lanky men like me.

Beard oil sellers in Lagos make cool cash monthly because they are recording up to 100 sales of beard cream which usually ranges from N3,000 to N5,000. An example of such a brand is Mybeardgang, which now has a store on Sellbeta.com where you can buy natural oils to grow your beard.

Vintage Tshirts

Vintage Tshirts are mostly worn by big men, Yahoo boys and people who just collected their month-end salary, LOL! These shirts are like a collar and round-neck polos with patterns or drawings on them. A store close to my house at Yaba record up to 30 sales per week over Vintage shirts. And these shirts aren’t available for 4k or 5k, they go as high as 10k for a single Vintage Tshirt and the most annoying part of it is that some people will buy ten or twenty of it. God when?!

You can start a vintage T-shirt brand of your own and advertise for free on sellbeta.com to get buyers directly.


Hoodies in Lagos is another clothing product highly of demand on Jiji, Jumia and other e-commerce platforms who sell wears. You can get people to sew Hoodies for you and sell at a higher price. People will buy because they definitely love to wear hoodies. When I say hoodies, it’s not the “Balenciaga gan-gan” type.

Shop for Hoodies on Sellbeta and re-sell to people at your own price, there are gains available for you. You just have to make a decision today whether to start selling hoodies.

Hair Oil

I have talked about Natural oils to nourish your hair. People especially ladies with natural hairs love oils that grow their hair. Selling hair oil is a feasible market and anyone can use oil.

Save a little cash for yourself and get coconut oil in bulk so you can re-sell to people. It’s the best hair oil worth selling in Nigeria.


With the way the Ikeja Electric Distributing Company is doing in Lagos, a lot of people are beginning to consider buying a generator so they can work and be more productive. This market is feasible for people who want to go into it.

This is very simple as you don’t even need to have generators on the ground to sell to people. All you have to do is register on Sellbeta as an affiliate and promote our featured products on Sellbeta. You will then be paid commission based on the prices of the generator. The higher the price of the generator, the higher your comission.

Uk Used Phones

This niche as it seems very saturated can still make you money as a student, part-time teacher or retired personnel, irrespective of where you are. People love gadgets a lot and phones are the number one device people would love to own.

You should register on Sellbeta.com and promote used UK phones available for sale in Lagos, Uk phone is Awka, Uk phones in Onitsha, Uk phones in Anambra absolutely for free and you will get buyers within 4 hours of posting your free ad.

Car Tracker

The world is growing at a fast pace Nigeria in Africa is gradually following. We’ve come to a state whereby we know the importance of what a simple car tracker device can do. You do not need to be scared of your Car theft because you have a tracker installed to help you find the location of your car anytime and any day.

Car tracker goes for thirty thousand Naira and above because car tracking packages differs and it is an opportunity for you to make money. Register to a Car tracking company in Lagos and promote their services while you get a very big cut which serves as commission for every successful referral.

  • Car Seat Cover

  • SoundBox

  • Wig

  • Sneakers

  • Wrist Watches

  • Cars

  • Food

  • Data & Airtime

  • Headphones

  • Solar Inverter

  • iPhone Charger

You won’t want to argue with me that all the products listed above aren’t some of the most sought after items or most bought items you yourself know but didn’t think of. Make a decision today and choose a product out of the list we recommend. Create a community and offer value to your customers, you’ll definitely get more sales.
Did I miss out on any trending products people buy and at a high/large cost? Feel free to add to the list by using the comment box below.


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