How To Apply For Canada Free Student Visa

Canada student visa is one of the most popular visas as it gives its holders a chance to pursue higher education in the country after approval. Studying in Canada is a dream of many students across the world, as Canada is known for its multicultural society , liberal education system and well-developed infrastructure.


Their welcoming attitudes makes Canada a popular immigration destination for many students as they continue to attract a steady volume of students, who want to pursue their education in Canada. The welcoming mentality of the Canadians has been admired by international students, who consider the country an ideal option for their studies.

This article provides top tips on how to apply for a Canada student visa with all the step by step process which will help any applicant to get an insight and know in details about the student visa application procedure.

What is a Study Permit?


A study permit allows a foreign national to enter Canada and study in a post-secondary institution in the country. All students who wish to pursue their studies in the country are required to apply for a study permit from IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada), where you should indicate your chosen program, course duration and the educational institute where you plan to enroll.

If your program is approved by IRCC, you would be given an official study permit and hence, the foreign national can apply for permanent resident status. The study permit stays valid for a period of two to three years. However, it may be renewed if the student continues with their studies and course duration is extended beyond the initial approved period. The two-tier system is in place and the first step is deciding on your course duration.


Steps to Apply for a Study Permit:

Applying for a Canada student visa can be divided into three steps, which would include the following:


Step 1: Do You Qualify?

The first step to apply for a study permit is to ensure that you meet the eligibility requirements in relation to the study program of your choice. You should analyze the course duration and educational institute where you want to study to decide on your preferred course. In addition, depending on your qualifications and course preference, you will be required to submit the following major documents with your application:

  • You must provide proof of acceptance from the educational institution where you wish to study in Canada. This is an official letter from the institute stating that you’ve been successfully admitted.
  • If you are an international student, you must have proof that you have enough funds to settle your fees and tuition fees and live in Canada for the duration of your course . The amount of funds that you should hold is $10,000 for each year of the program.
  • You should submit proof of sufficient funds to support yourself during the period when you wish to remain in Canada. However, it is important that students planning to settle in Canada after graduation do not need to prove this.

You must ensure that you meet the eligibility requirements in relation to the study program of your choice. If you are applying for a one year program, the duration of which is less than six months and it is not located in an area with restricted residence, you will only be required to pay tuition fees.

Step 2: Complete Your Application:

Your second step to apply for a study permit is to apply for a study permit from IRCC. You can submit your application either online through IRCC’s website or by submitting your application as per the instructions on their website.

Select Canada Student Visa Application as your study program and fill in the details of your educational institute, course duration and country where you are a citizen. In addition, you should indicate that you are applying for a study permit.

In the section, “How are you supporting yourself” , you should include the proof of sufficient funds to support yourself during the course or residence period in Canada. If you are applying for a study program that lasts longer than six months, you must submit additional documents.

The information that you provide on your application must be accurate and complete. If any part of the forms is missing, your application can be rejected or delayed by IRCC. The fee for submission of an application is $150.

Once you have completed your online application, you will receive an Application ID and password so that you can log in to check the status of your application anytime from anywhere. You will also receive an email from IRCC informing that your application is received.

Step 3: Make Appropriate Visa Documents Ready

The final step to apply for a study permit is to arrange the required documents for submission at the time of your visa interview with the immigration official. The list of required documents will depend on your course length. If you are applying for a short course, you will only be required to submit letters of acceptance from your educational institute and proof of sufficient funds to support yourself. If your course is longer, you will need to submit additional documents to show that you have enough funds supporting yourself in Canada.

After all steps have been completed, you can visit the nearest Canadian Visa Application Centre (CVAC) and submit your application for a student visa. You can check the Status of your application online or with the assistance of an immigration agent or study advisor.


To conclude, you must ensure that you have fulfilled all requirements for obtaining a study permit. If your application is incomplete, it can be held or rejected by IRCC. If you are unsure about the eligibility criteria of your study program, it is advisable to consult a local immigration consultant or visit IRCC’s website before applying online.

You should also be aware of the documents you will be required to submit at the time of visa interview and make sure that all required documents are ready as per the list given by IRCC.


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