How to Get More Jobs in 5 Minutes

The process of finding a job can be painful (we speak from experience), but does it have to be? Going through the pages of job vacancies and endless hours of interviewing can be overwhelming, and we’re here to suggest a different approach.


Finding the ideal job opportunity requires hours of research and finding the right job platform – it is estimated that the average job search will take 11 hours a week for 2 to 6 months. In addition, as many as 10 to 20 applications may be required for one interview.

Why looking for modern work takes so long

It’s no secret that the job search process (and, for many, the actual job process) has moved almost entirely online over the past few years. Over 80% of applicants are looking for vacancies through job platforms like ours;).

This leads to a flood of individual job applications. On average, a job offer at each company attracts about 250 resumes. Only 4 to 6 of these candidates will be invited for interview and, of course, only one will get the job.


Most mainstream job search platforms today don’t provide much information and focus on title and location, and while important they may not be comprehensive enough for job seekers (we’re here to talk about talent looking for it today). Researching each company’s company policies and employee scores is time-consuming and can involve many websites. For female talent, this presents additional challenges, as important information such as a company’s equal opportunities policy for all sexes and meeting the needs of women in the workplace is often not readily available.


Adapting your search strategy to better meet your needs is a starting point that can simplify and benefit your jobseeker experience.

Finding a people-oriented company can be a daunting task.


Do you know what makes it easier? Get recruiters to work for you. Yes, joining the talent pool is a sure way to get real offers without wasting your time.

Summary to manage them all

So, what is a talent pool, you might ask?

A talent pool is a talent pool (duh) where independent recruiters can find the best candidates for the particular company they work for.

Okay, so what exactly does this mean for you?

Recruiters look at your profile and what you are looking for and match you with suitable openings. So, only if the recruiter thinks it matches what your profile will be forwarded to these companies. Of course, this saves both parties time.

We may be biased, but our own talent pool is great. Here’s how it works:

1. You sign up once with your details (free)

2. Some of the minions at the back are looking for a cool opportunity for you in companies that meet our  selection criteria (you can see how we selected them here)

3. Once you find a fight, you’ll get a call from us

4. You are invited for an interview!

No long motivation letters, no scares, nothing.

Think about it: pairing with employers who are genuinely interested in your skills, rather than knocking on doors in the hope of being offered a job, is guaranteed to have a higher success rate. Also, not having to go through a company policy to find an employer you are interested in and you can trust is a pleasant bonus.

Choosing to open a personalized job delivered directly to your inbox helps save you time because you don’t have to spend hours researching and completing dozens of applications that may not match. Instead, you can spend your new time on upgrading your resume and preparing for interviews, making yourself a stronger candidate.

Take the guesswork out of your job search

“It’s cool, we work with amazing companies who want to get to know you. By joining our talent pool, once we have found the best fit for you, we will contact you. We do all the work and that’s Simple. So it’s the easiest way to find your ideal job these days. “


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