How to make petrol engine car to run on home-cooking gas!

To avoid fuel scarcity, you can convert your petrol car to also run on natural home cooking gas. This is not a crazy idea. Trust me!


Every Nigerian home has 3 major ways of cooking in the kitchen; kerosene powered stove, electric powered cooker or a gas-powered burner which seems to be the most common these days.

If you haven’t known much about different types of fuels cars use in our world of today, just keep in mind that CNG powered cars made that list. CNG is compressed natural gas and this means that a car can be powered with the same gas you use in cooking at home. I know that doesn’t sound fascinating enough but this read is fascinating! Trust me.


Please, It doesn’t mean you can cook in your car


You can convert your petrol-engined car to a car that runs on CNG without disrupting the normal petrol process. Yes, I know it sounded complex and fascinating at the same time. The better news here is that the conversion process is not complex.

I am going to explain in details how to convert your petrol car to run on natural gas, why you should do it, its pros and cons and where you can do it.


How to convert your Petrol car to CNG

To convert your Petrol car to CNG, you will be needing a couple of components and an experienced metal fabricator that can drill and join pieces together in a premium way. The following are the components you need for a proper CNG conversion on your car:

  • A gas tank
  • A regulator
  • Parallel fuel rail
  • CNG injectors
  • An adapter
  • A wiring harness
  • Fueling ECU

This is all you will need apart from the actual gas tank


How the components work together

The high compression CNG tank is attached to a regulator that reduces the gas pressure to 125 psi, then the fuel is fed to a parallel fuel line to the CNG injectors plugged into an adapter that has been designed to accommodate both gasoline and CNG injectors at the same time.


It is best to put the gas tank in the trunk

A wiring harness is connected to the ECU and it uses the throttle information, sending new information to the CNG ECU and this ECU then passes data to the CNG injectors because CNG uses a different amount of fuel and air combination to power your car. The 2 ECUs working hand in hand does most of the work.

This CNG ECU has a button that switches your car to run between CNG or normal Petrol. The best thing about this conversion is that you can still have a normal petrol operation.


When your petrol goes empty, you just switch to gas with a button click

The CNG conversion doesn’t make your car heavier. Only the gas tank is heavy, the remaining components are very feather-weighted. You would love to know how much the conversion costs right?

Why you should convert your petrol car to CNG 

Nigeria and Petrol scarcity are best friends

We have CNG gas available in Nigeria, and you know how petrol easily becomes scarce for weeks in Nigeria? With a CNG conversion, you don’t have to always be dependent on petrol. Since the petrol and the CNG can co-exist then it is to your advantage that petrol scarcity cannot stop your car from moving.

You get a better gas mileage 

Averagely, the gas mileage of CNG cars is 20 per cent better than that of Petrol engine cars. For every time you run on CNG, you are sure of saving more fuel per trip.


You can see how economical LPG cars are

No wonder a particular energy company in Lagos runs their Honda Civic on strictly Natural Gas.

Nature smiles at you cause they are greener 

The emission from CNG cars is less harmful than that of Petrol engine cars with the best fuel consumption.


One of the few natural gas-powered cars in Nigeria

In a properly converted CNG powered engine, natural gas combustion delivers 20 per cent lower carbon emissions and about a 25 per cent reduction in greenhouse gases compared with the cleanest gasoline engines, all these with zero damage to your catalytic converter system.

Your petrol engine still remains 

With the switch of a button like I said earlier, you can easily go back to your petrol system. You can start up your car with the petrol system, as you get to higher speeds you could just switch to CNG for better gas mileage. 

There is nothing that is just really good in this life, there would definitely be some drawbacks starring right at you. What are the drawbacks of CNG cars ? of course I would tell you

Drawbacks of CNG cars 

Refilling CNG is very challenging 

If you drive a strictly CNG car, you will be having issues refilling your gas when you run out of it. Not just because there are not enough CNG refill stations, but because home gas filling stations refill gas at very low pressure. For your car’s gas tank to store CNG, it needs to be compressed and this refill takes up-to 20 hours. 


Waiting 8 hours for a fill-up is really a drawback

Honda made a compressor for its CNG Civics that makes you fill the gas in 8 hours because it is at very high pressure. Waiting 8 hours to fill your CNG tank when it takes just 2 minutes with petrol is just a huge drawback.

The conversion is pricey

The conversion kit alone for CNG power is between ₦300,000 and ₦420,000. This money times two and you will buy a neatly used low-cost car in Nigeria from our website. This conversion cost will be recovered in terms of low-running cost of CNG after 2 to 3 years. The problem here is that there is a probability that after 2 to 3 years, you will want to sell your car because it is just human nature to want new things.

Petrol prices keep changing, your savings aren’t sure

Petrol prices in Nigeria fluctuate all the time while natural gas prices steadily go up at a very slow rate though. Should incase Petrol becomes way cheaper than natural gas, your money spent on the CNG conversion would just totally go to waste.


Hybrid natural gas cars is a good way to save cost on the ever-fluctuating price of petrol in Nigeria due to scarcity. Since this conversion does not eliminate the petrol engine, you should just see the natural gas power as a backup. On Sellbeta.com we constantly keep you in the loop with not only the tip on how to convert your petrol car to run on natural gas but also up-to-date car news and all you have to know to stay above water as a motorist in Nigeria. 

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