How To Relocate To Canada From Nigeria

How To Relocate To Canada From Nigeria – Given the state of affairs in Nigeria at the moment, many citizens would welcome the chance to immigrate to Canada.


Do you consider yourself to be a member of this group? If Yes! If this is the case, you can relax knowing that you are making progress toward a good immigration outcome.
Our primary motivation for publishing this piece is to detail the procedures that must be followed by Nigerians who intend to immigrate to Canada in 2023.

About 12,600 Nigerians settled in Canada permanently in 2023, making their country the fourth most common origin for immigrants to Canada.

A variety of advantages accrue to Canada from having a permanent resident on the payroll. One of them is the accessibility to free health care and other social services across the country, regardless of where you choose to set up shop.

In addition to this, permanent residency offers a wide variety of other advantages, including a higher quality of life, access to more conveniences, and better chances to find gainful employment.


Now the pressing issue is how to go about making the trip from Nigeria to Canada. As we tell all of our clients, the first thing to do is pick a location in Canada and a study abroad program that suits your interests and lifestyle. Due to their interdependence, we always recommend that our clients investigate both possibilities together.

Many immigration programs exist in Canada to assist those wishing to relocate there. You may be asking why they needed to make so many different apps, and we get that. Well! It is the honest truth.

The prerequisites and demands of each immigration program vary. The majority of them are dependent on having a certain number of hours worked, but a few were designed to be point systems. You need to look them over thoughtfully and pick the one that best reflects who you are.

Guidelines for Nigerians Considering a Move to Canada


Three of the most common routes to Canada from Nigeria are outlined below.

Nigerians have three options for entering Canada as immigrants. To be considered for an application, you must:

Use the expedited entry procedure

Canada’s online immigration application system, Express Entry (EE) is where qualified skilled workers can post a profile and see if they meet the requirements to immigrate to Canada. To be invited to apply for permanent residence as a Nigerian candidate, you need be among the top scorers.

Migrants from all around the world, including Nigeria, use the Express Entry system. Nigerians who are interested in immigrating to Canada and receiving permanent residence status in the country can use Express Entry to arrange and complete their applications.


As a foreign skilled worker from Nigeria, you can use this online program to immigrate to Canada via one of three federal programs:

Program for Hiring Qualified Canadian

Assistance for those in the Skilled Trades
Course on the Canadian Experience

Standards for Express Entry

  • It’s required that Nigerians have at least a year of professional job experience in their field.
  • You need to speak either English or French fluently.
  • In order to be eligible for permanent residency in Canada, you need to have completed postsecondary education at a level at least equivalent to that found in the country.

PLEASE NOTICE that the aforementioned requirements are the bare minimum for participation in the express admission program. While this won’t guarantee you an invitation, it will put you ahead of others who don’t make the effort to do so.

Keep in mind that many people are submitting their express entry applications for the same program. Hence, the candidates with the best profiles will be chosen ahead of the ones who only barely make the cut.

Immigrating to Canada from Nigeria using the Express Entry system:Step by Step Instructions


After satisfying the basic express admission prerequisites, you must construct an online profile that includes the following details.

  • Your travel documentation (passport)
  • Scores on Language Tests
  • A Report on the Evaluation of
  • Educational Credentials
  • Qualification Certificate in a Trade Issued by a Province in Canada
  • Resumes and cover letters
  • Nomination by Province

Each applicant will be given 60 days to fill up their profile. If many applicants have the same lowest score, the threshold will be determined by the time and date their Express Entry profiles were submitted.

Candidates with the highest ratings will be added to a new pool designated as the express admission pool. A candidate’s standing in the express admission program is determined by their score on this thorough ranking system.

If your score is high enough and you pass the threshold, you will be invited to the next round. Once you have been issued an ITA, you are eligible to submit an application for permanent residency in Canada.

Method Two: Nomination at the Provincial Level

The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is a collection of several immigration schemes into Canada run by the federal government in conjunction with the provinces.
Workers that fit the following criteria are encouraged to apply:

possess the knowledge, training, and experience essential to the economic success of a particular Canadian province or territory, are interested in settling there permanently, and wish to become citizens of Canada

Many provinces and territories offer immigration policies tailored to specific demographics and needs. Some of the goals that states and provinces might pursue under a given program strand are as follows:

  1. Entrepreneurial Students
  2. Expert laborers
  3. Low-to-Mid-Quality Skilled Employees
  4. Thanks to Canadian Universities By use of a post-graduate work authorization

Guidelines for Nigerians Considering a Move to Canada

To qualify for a post-graduate work visa in Canada, foreign nationals must have completed post-secondary education at an approved school, either inside or outside of Canada. For the duration of your education in Canada, PGWP will assist you in obtaining a work visa that allows you to work for any employer in the country.

To obtain Canadian permanent residence, this visa will give you a leg up, but it does not ensure straight application. Getting a Canadian visa to live in Canada will be much easier if you study there.

Specifications of the Graduate Work Permit System

Individuals must be over the age of 18.
must have completed an accredited post-secondary institution in Canada.

You need to have graduated from a Canadian “Designated Institution”
An eight-month period of full-time study in Canada is required. When applying for a work permit, you’ll need to show proof that you hold a valid study permission.
Within 90 days of receiving your diploma, you must submit your work permit application.

Since you have previously worked in Canada for at least a year thanks to PGWP, you may qualify for permanent residency under the Canadian Experience Class if your study program lasted at least three years. Because of this, we advise that you enroll in a degree program that will take at least three years to complete so that you can gain sufficient job experience in Canada.
Other, less common routes to Canada for Nigerians include:

  • Making use of the duties of a caregiver or farmhand
  • Being offered a position in Atlantic Canada

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